Hi, we're Chad and Shawna.

As partners in marriage and raising children, trust, humility, and fearless imagination are rooted in everything we do. Six years ago, we began to see the world was changing; a longing to return to our basic roots of genuine and authentic connection was stirring. We knew this would influence how people communicate through media and messaging, and simultaneously began to question if the traditional ways of working 9-5 were still necessary in an increasingly mobile world. Knowing that we wanted to create our life with intention, doing work we loved while focusing on what matters most to us – family, community, and making a difference in the world – we made some big changes.

We envisioned a lane in which brands and people could impact culture in a positive way by knowing and telling their authentic story. So we took all we knew and headed out onto the open road, launching our agency KZR House. Without an office, we were able to cut overhead costs and bring better rates to our clients and collaborators who shared our vision. We discovered along the way that our work was more inspired when we were more inspired.

Our unique individual backgrounds in strategy, storytelling, and identity coaching merge to create methodologies that discover the truest truths of a person or brand, unlocking genuine opportunities for social, cultural and personal growth and impact. We’ve worked with some of the world’s most transformative organizations and brands, while having three children and a beautiful marriage. 

Today, KZR House has evolved into FIRSTLIGHTERS, expanding to working with equity partners, developing our own media and brands, and cultivating a community of forward-thinking world changers whose eyes are always on the horizon. With vision and people at the very center of all we love and do, there is no better team to cultivate and create connection who know the human heart like we do.

The World's first Prophetic Venture Studio.

With eyes on the horizon, we see what the future holds and build into it, creating companies we want to see in the world. Our prophetic venture studio doesn’t just focus on the now, it focuses on what’s ahead, building partnerships with brands and organizations to grow into where the world is going to capture the greatest market share and make the most impact. As a culture largely shaped by consumerism, we believe that influencing and shaping the marketplace will influence and shape culture for the greater good, so we partner our faith with our works to see companies and culture flourish.

Chad Kaszer

For over a decade, Chad has helped Fortune 500 multi-nationals and independent studios understand what it means to lead culture. As former Head of Social Media Strategy for Sony and Head of Strategy for NYC based creative agency Sub Rosa, Chad has led and stewarded pioneering practices that have resulted in positive growth in brand affinity and business health. He speaks and writes often, equipping market and cultural leaders to know and respond well to their moment in time.  He also gives time and council to new entrepreneurs endeavoring to make their dream a reality. Chad is a father of three and contributes to the board of a house church movement.

Shawna Kaszer

Shawna is a storyteller whose work spans award winning films, theater, and multi-disciplinary creative arts experiences. Her curiosity compels an unending hunger to explore what connects us to ourselves, to one another, and to God. As a prophetic visionary she lends herself to cutting-edge endeavors across many mediums, and has helped create and launch global campaigns for some of the world’s most innovative and impactful organizations. She has lead market-place teams and media teams in everything from strategic planning to creative direction and execution. She’s a mother of three and sits on the board of a national house-church movement. In 2021 she will launch and lead the Firstlighters community – a collaborative gathering of prophetic creatives.

Shawna Kaszer