It takes two flints to make a fire.

~ Louisa May Alcott ~

Collaborating through joint-ventures & equity partnerships.

We began these collaborations in 2020, finding opportunity to do more together. Whether investing or building, journeying into new territories has been an exciting exploration and discovery into people, products, and purpose. When it’s a fit, both sides know, and we are always open to having a conversation and seeing if there is a right connection for a more invested partnership together. We are honored to have joined as partners with these incredible firstlighters.


ADR and voice-over expert Alex Puccinelli approached us with a vision to teach and equip actors in this often overlooked discipline in entertainment. Together, we’re creating a brand and a long-term vision that lends itself to creating a supportive community of voice-talent in an industry that is often cut-throat competitive. As partners, we’ve built a blue-print vision to grow into, a strategy that guides our steps along the way, and the name and messaging that sets Mouth House apart as a leading studio to fully engage, equip, and encourage actors to be successful in their field. Learn more at Mouth House.

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